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Success Stories

On the following pages, Baby Love 'graduate' families share their stories of encouragement and success with you. These families have personally experienced the negative implications of sleep deprivation and they have personally implemented our sleep training and are now reaping the benefits of well rested nights which results in a happy family!

Should you wish to be like these families, then simply email and a Baby Love Consultant will contact you shortly.

Should you wish to include your own Baby Love success story on this page, please email your story and pictures to us at , or simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Nabiha Osman (11 months)

Nabiha Osman (11 months)

My baby girl, Nabiha, was born on the 20th November 2006. She is now 17 months old and I never realised how difficult it would be as a first time parent. The responsibilities of looking after another little human being, making sure that she is fed, that she has enough sleep, or that when she is crying that maybe she has been over stimulated and needs at least 90 minutes of comfort time.

I only realised what my baby needed and how and when to give it to her when she was 11 months old. This was thanks to the Baby Love sleep training routine. I heard from a few mothers how difficult it can be to implement, and as a result felt scared to try it. But when all the other remedies failed to get my baby to sleep for even an hour during the day, or just to get her to sleep through half of the night without waking for a feed, I knew I had to try something different.

We started feeling miserable, tired, restless and irritable from when my baby was about six weeks old and carried on until she was about 11 months, and this was when Baby Love came to our rescue. My baby was fully breastfed as she refused to drink milk from a bottle or even suck on a dummy, and every time we tried to give her a bottle she screamed and cried as if we were punishing her. So as a first time mother I only gave her breast milk. It was great as this was the best form of nutrition, but the down side to it was that Nabiha demanded to be fed every 90 minutes. She relied so much on the breast that she needed to be on the breast in order to fall asleep, and therefore I could never put her down in her cot, awake or drowsy. Her only comfort was the breast. This was very difficult for me as my child hardly used to sleep in the day and for the first six months I used to cook and do all my work with her in my arms.

As a first time mother I was oblivious to the fact that my child was suffering. As a result of her lack of sleep she hardly ate, she was quite small for a baby her age and she was constantly crabby, she refused to leave me as she was very dependent on me.

Life was hectic. I was very tired and emotional and was angry and irritable all the time. My husband and I did not know what it was like to be normal and happy, or to go for supper together or just enjoy quality time at home or to even have a good nights rest. Nabiha’s dependency on me went from bad to worse, and from sharing our bedroom with us, we eventually had her sharing our bed with us as she wanted to be breastfed 24 hours around the clock.

We were so desperate that my husband and I agreed to give sleep-training a try. We told each other that we had nothing to loose, if anything we might even gain something. We then met Rebecca, who finally helped us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We were given a Baby Love manual and our daughter was assessed to see which sleep routine was best for her. We were told that it would take at least three weeks to finally get results, provided that we followed the routine.

This was very difficult, especially for me, as I had to listen to my child crying because she was not used to this routine. My husband, who supports me in everything, gave me the strength to get through it and he encouraged me and kept reminding me that this will change our lives forever. The first week of trying to implement the day naps was difficult, but the night time worked within 3 days! Nabiha, who kept waking up every 90 minutes for the breast, started sleeping for 8 hours straight, and today she sleeps for 12 hours. The day naps have improved, and now she sleeps for about 2-3 hours during the day.

Nabiha is asleep by 6pm every night, and wakes in the morning at 6am. Even though I am still breast feeding her, she no longer relies on the breast to fall off to sleep. Due to the implementation of sleep training, I have a happy, healthier and friendly baby. Baby Love has changed my family's life forever. My husband and I have quality time together at night, we can go out and have dinner or even watch a movie together. The best part of the entire thing is that I can get a good nights rest without worrying when my child is going to wake up.

We would love to thank Baby Love for their help and support, and for changing our lives for the better.

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