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Fatima Osman

Fatima Osman

Fatima Osman
KwaZulu Natal

My name is Fatima Osman; I have 2 gorgeous children 5 a year old daughter - Nabiha and a 1 year old baby boy - Zafar. We have been blessed with 2 beautiful angels who are the light of our lives.

My daughter Nabiha was breastfed full time and that was all she was reliant on, as I was told you breastfeed on demand. Little did I know at that time as no one informed me that you could still follow a routine while breastfeeding. Eventually it got out of hand and I used to feed for 2 hours continuously which drove me to post natal depression. My daughter refused the bottle as well as the dummy and screamed when we tried to comfort her with something else other than the breast. I felt that due to my PND I did not and could not bond with my angel, that I felt like strangling her just so I could get silence even if it was just for 5 minutes. Due to this my husband and I did not want to have any more children. We did not know what it was like to have a good night's sleep or feel like normal functioning people. We lost each other and were horrified.

For 11 months we tried everything and nothing worked, until I heard about Baby Love. We heard that it was difficult but the results were excellent, we were desperate. It was the best decision we have ever made as we gained success by the 3rd night as well as a full night of sleep. This eventually gave us hope of having another baby as we started enjoying having this bundle of joy in our lives. Our little girl is now 5 years and is still in an excellent routine irrespective of any change in circumstances, any battles of being sick or even when we were on holiday.

When my son was born (4 years later) we felt we could cope with him better as we were more equipped and had a better understanding of how important routine was but decided to see if he will fall into the routine on his own. But unfortunately even though he was an easy baby from day 1, the routine and sleep training had to be done for him at the age of 3 month. It was definitely much easier this time around as our results were much quicker and he got into an excellent routine from 3months. He was also a breastfed baby who took to the dummy and dudu blanket as a comfort. When he is tied we kiss him good night, cuddle him, give him his dummy and put him in his cot and before you can say anything else he finds his blanket turns his body and is fast asleep - this is priceless! Now my 1 year old baby is also in an excellent routine, irrespective of whether he is ill, teething or we go on holiday.

We have 2 kids and are looking forward to having one more angel as my husband and I still have time together and get to at least have supper together and spend some quality time every evening as both our babies are fast asleep at 7 pm and only wake up at 6.30am. The most important thing is that we have a full nights rest.

Baby Love gave us our life, time and sleep back and we will always be grateful for being introduced to the programme when we had our first born, as it was much easier when our second baby was born.

I made a decision to become a Baby Love Consultant as I can help others, as I know that there are a lot of parents out there such as first time mums/parents as well as parents who have more than one child who are suffering in silence with sleep deprivation, no time for themselves or for their older children, which eventually leads to the other siblings suffering because of this. My advice to all parents: deal with this before it gets worse. Remember nothing in life is easy, but by working hard, making an effort and perseverance to get the routine in place you and your family will reap a lifetime of rewards.