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Sleep deprivation - a silent killer

Are you tired of being tired?

People are having babies all the time. Many babies fall into a beautiful routine from day one and parents don't struggle with feeding and sleeping - the parenting journey is an easy and enjoyable one. Then there are many babies who are more challenging where feeding and sleeping is an uphill battle and the parenting journey is stressful, filled with many tears and heartache… and it is these parents Baby Love wants to help.

Did you know?

From 4 months of age, a healthy baby with no bad habits is capable of sleeping 10 - 12 hours continuously at night, however many parents are getting up anything from twice a night to sometimes 20 times a night, if they have twins, to feed, to give back the dummy, to rock, pat, jig or lie with their baby in order to get their baby back to sleep.

Some desperate measures parents are willing to take

  • Parents have resorted to medicating their baby in the hope the medicine will break the bad habits and are bitterly disappointed to find out, after 7 days of medicating, that their baby still can't link his sleep cycles. Medicating your baby either has no effect on the baby at all, or he does sleep which gives the parents a false sense of hope because in actual fact, the only reason why the baby is sleeping is because he has been medicated and not because he can do it by himself.
  • Many parents put their baby in the bed with them hoping this will make the baby sleep, and are frustrated when it makes no difference. Some parents have bought a King size bed in the hope the bigger the bed the better the sleep, and are left tearing their hair out because it still makes no difference. Some parents no longer share the same bedroom as one parent lands up sleeping in the baby's room with the baby, or the parent is on his own because the baby is in the main bed with the other parent. Where's the marriage?!
  • Some parents have implemented a shift system, one night mom is on duty and the other night dad is on duty.
  • Some parents still have a night nurse 8 months down the line because they are too scared to handle the nights themselves. The night nurse has become the parent's dudu blankie.

    Parents will do whatever it takes to get sleep, many of them knowing what they are doing is a short term solution to a much bigger and on-going problem…

    A form of torture

    Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and was used in wars to break men. You can also die from sleep deprivation long before starvation. When Baby Love deals with sleep deprived parents we know there is an element of unhappiness in the home and we know that the family is not functioning as well as it could be.

    Don't be ashamed!

    Many parents are embarrassed to admit they are not coping, especially when all their friends and work colleagues tell them that their babies are sleeping through the night. This often leaves the parents feeling like failures, 'why can't I get my baby to fall asleep unassisted and remain asleep?'. NONSENSE! You are not a failure, you just need some guidance to help you get your life back.

    Sleep deprivation

    When a Consultant is discussing the signs of sleep deprivation with her parents, it's amazing to see how many parents start nodding their heads in agreement and how many of them are so relieved to hear that they are not alone in this quagmire of sleep deprivation, that it doesn't mean they are a bad parent and that they have failed. If a parent can identify with these symptoms it simply means that the sleep deprivation has become all-consuming and overwhelming and help is needed.

    Signs of sleep deprivation
  • I love my baby but I don't like him anymore
  • Having had a baby is the biggest mistake of my life
  • There is no ways I am having another baby
  • We don't have a social life or a sex life any more
  • When driving I have had to pull over onto the side of the road because I was nodding off behind the wheel… this is known as 'micro-sleep'
  • I can't function at work and feel like I am a walking zombie
  • We constantly fight with each other because we are so tired
  • I am so emotional because I am so tired
  • No one ever told me that being a parent would be this hard
  • I've had a couple of minor car accidents and it's because I'm battling to focus
  • I have found myself shaking my baby because I am so frustrated that he just won't sleep
  • My head is thick like cotton wool and I have constant headaches
  • I'm on anti-depressants
  • I just want to curl up into a ball and make life go away
  • Life and parenting is just so hard

    By implementing Baby Love, i.e. an age appropriate day time routine and sleep training does not mean you love your baby any less, it means you want what is best for your baby, and thus the family as a whole.

    What is great to know is that all the Baby Love Consultants have personally experienced sleep deprivation so they fully understand what their parents are going through. The Consultants have also successfully implemented the Baby Love program so they have personally been through the sleep training and are now reaping the benefits of well rested nights!

    Baby Love - designed for happy families

    Baby Love is passionate about making the parenting experience as joyous, fulfilling and happy as possible. It's not all about sleepless nights and screaming infants - there is so much more! Baby Love is not a quick-fix solution - nothing worthwhile ever is. But it works and it makes a HUGE difference to the way parents perceive the parenting experience, and that is our goal - to enable parents to apply their natural intuition, together with proven methods and principles, to create a rich, rewarding and stable life for the whole family.

    Success stories from well rested parents

    Please click on the Success Stories tab on or our facebook page and read the testimonials that some of our happy and well rested parents have given us.