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Success Stories

On the following pages, Baby Love 'graduate' families share their stories of encouragement and success with you. These families have personally experienced the negative implications of sleep deprivation and they have personally implemented our sleep training and are now reaping the benefits of well rested nights which results in a happy family!

Should you wish to be like these families, then simply email and a Baby Love Consultant will contact you shortly.

Should you wish to include your own Baby Love success story on this page, please email your story and pictures to us at , or simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Braiden Lane (4 months)

Braiden Lane (4 months)

Dear Jacqui

Thank you for all your advice that you gave us and for making us feel like we can be good parents.

When we came home from hospital I tried my best not to rock Braiden or pat him to sleep, but when they scream then patting and rocking is all that helps, but having a 4.1kg baby at birth and just growing every week really takes a toll on your body, my hubby and I were ready for physio therapy by the time we came to see you when he was 5 weeks old as this was the only way to get him to sleep and stop screaming. After your first workshop we implemented the routine the very next day and it took about a week for him to fall into it. Hubby and I were there for each other as sometimes it wasn't easy but with perseverance and confidence and each other we did it and it was the best thing that we ever did.

Braiden is now 4 and half months and he is sleeping like a champ and drinking very well and what we love about all of this is no more rocking and patting him to sleep. He falls asleep all by himself, quite content in his cot every sleep time, which is awesome. He goes down with no problems and quite happily puts himself to sleep. Braiden started sleeping through at 3 months and his night feeds fell away which was also a blessing for us, and we have him in an awesome routine which works for all of us and he is such a happy content baby boy and so are the parents, it's nice to have him as part of our family and not him being the family as you once told us.

I have recommended Baby Love to everyone I know and will continue to do so as I feel that routine is very important for the whole family and not just for baby. We all thrive on the routine and it's especially awesome when he wakes up with a huge smile on his face which makes your heart melt and you know you doing something right

So thank you very much and keep up the awesome work helping all those families in need of routine in their life, it works for us.


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