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Success Stories

On the following pages, Baby Love 'graduate' families share their stories of encouragement and success with you. These families have personally experienced the negative implications of sleep deprivation and they have personally implemented our sleep training and are now reaping the benefits of well rested nights which results in a happy family!

Should you wish to be like these families, then simply email and a Baby Love Consultant will contact you shortly.

Should you wish to include your own Baby Love success story on this page, please email your story and pictures to us at , or simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Darius van Wyk (8 months)

Darius van Wyk (8 months)

When we found out we were expecting Darius, family and friends were very joyous but all reminded us that we must enjoy our sleep while we can. The thought was inevitable as this was 'just what babies do, they don't sleep'. Well so our journey began with a little bundle of joy in Nov 2012. I breastfed for the first 6 months, thereafter we started bottle feeding. Whilst we loved holding him, cuddling him, rocking him and bottle feeding him in our arms as he fell asleep, little did we know that this would become a problem.

Eventually Darius couldn't sleep without a bottle, day or night. He would wake up 2-6 times a night. I even tried giving him water in the early morning hours but no luck. Soon I realized that he needed a sleeping prop to fall asleep.

Some nights were so bad that I would give him his bottle while in bed and after he finished his bottle, he would be wide awake crying, whereby I would put him in his pram and rock him to sleep. These 'joyous moments' took anything from 10-60 minutes. And may I add, mommy sweating like a race horse.

Then we went away for the weekend and I didn't sleep at all as I shared a room with family and I didn't want to wake them so Darius slept in bed with me. I was so exhausted by the end of the weekend and decided to research the topic and found Baby Love. I scheduled a meeting with Jacqui as soon as possible, but I was very sceptical.

We had a group session that Tuesday evening and while listening to other mommy's complaints I realized that 'Darius doesn't like sleeping without his bottle' was very common. Sjoe what a relief!

Very nervous the next day, I explained to my nanny what we were going to do and that we needed to be strong. We implemented the sleep training and the first 2 days were tough, with lots of tears from the nanny and me, however by the third day Darius moaned for 10 minutes and slept for 1.5 hours! Very reluctant to believe what just happened I bathed him, fed and gave him a bottle. I was expecting a long night of listening to his moans with no sleep - to my surprise he slept till 6am the next morning.

I followed the Baby Love program for 21 days and since day 1 he slept through. There are still some days that he might moan to fall asleep but within 10 min he settles and falls fast asleep. I even have to wake him most of the times after his nap.

Planning a trip to the shops or visiting friends is a breeze. I just put him in his stroller with his 'spoegdoek' and within 2 minutes he is fast asleep (and they are in awe!)

Baby Love is a fantastic program and I can recommend it to any sleep deprived mom or dad or parents struggling with routine.

Happy sleeping!!

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