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Success Stories

On the following pages, Baby Love 'graduate' families share their stories of encouragement and success with you. These families have personally experienced the negative implications of sleep deprivation and they have personally implemented our sleep training and are now reaping the benefits of well rested nights which results in a happy family!

Should you wish to be like these families, then simply email and a Baby Love Consultant will contact you shortly.

Should you wish to include your own Baby Love success story on this page, please email your story and pictures to us at , or simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Diego Goncalves da Silva (14 months)

Diego Goncalves da Silva (14 months)

I was one of those lucky moms that had a baby boy that slept through from 8 weeks of age - that is until he hit 7 months. Diego started getting teeth and crawling and also, sleepless nights. It started off with him waking up twice then accelerated to sometimes me not sleeping at all from about 2am in the morning. I used to come to work and sleep like a log through every lunch time. I was a zombie.

I had such a beautiful boy, but I was so tired to spend time with him and he also got very irritable very quickly from being tired. One day I got the phone number for the Baby Love program. I was desperate. My husband and I where fighting and tired and couldn't remember when we spend some quality time together. We used to try and go away for a weekend just to find ourselves sleeping through the whole weekend and not wanting to fetch our child for fear of the week ahead.

Well at first it was very tough. I had to put Diego in his bed awake and walk away and if he cried I had to leave him, always assessing the cry in conjunction with my natural intuition. It was hard and my husband and I fought because he was the stronger one and had to keep me from going into Diego's room. It was the hardest thing I had to in my life. I phoned my Baby Love Consultant (Deana, what a wonderful woman) every day, some times twice or three times a day. She answered always with a smile and lots of encouragement. I couldn't do this without her and my husband.

My child, being very very stubborn, would cry for at least an hour at night before he would fall asleep and on the weekends he would cry through both his day naps (1.5 hours straight). I hated the weekends. I was scared of weekends, but we persevered and after the first week, even though we had to stick to the program for three weeks, Diego started to work with the program.

Diego is like an angel now. I put him to bed and he sleeps through - the WHOLE night. It took about a week for him to get through the worst. My husband and I have a full night sleep and lots and lots of time together.

All I can say is no matter how hard it is, just do this program. IT IS WORTH IT!!! And it WORKS!!!! The end product is a very very happy family.

Diego is not irritable any more and I feel like I can spend much more quality time with him. My husband and I are happy and are spending much more time together and for the first time in a year and a bit I feel like we have our lives back.

This works!

Hope I could have helped some one with this story.

Good luck!!


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