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Success Stories

On the following pages, Baby Love 'graduate' families share their stories of encouragement and success with you. These families have personally experienced the negative implications of sleep deprivation and they have personally implemented our sleep training and are now reaping the benefits of well rested nights which results in a happy family!

Should you wish to be like these families, then simply email and a Baby Love Consultant will contact you shortly.

Should you wish to include your own Baby Love success story on this page, please email your story and pictures to us at , or simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Leila van Wyk (6 months)

Leila van Wyk (6 months)

New beginnings!! At 6 months my baby girl, Leila, had not once slept right through the night. From April my husband had to work in Cape Town for 3 months and at this point Leila woke up every hour most nights and only went back to sleep if I picked her up and rocked her back to sleep again. This was fine when she only woke up every 4hours and weighed 3kg, but now I was so tired of so little sleep and had to be injected with Voltaren because of my back pain.

Leila didn't want to go to anyone else, she only wanted me. I couldn't go anywhere without her. I was exhausted and very emotional. When my husband came home we had a bad night, Leila woke up every hour and the next morning he said "I am so sorry, I didn't realise it was this bad"

I contacted Marlene and she came to see me. I started with Baby Love and that night Leila only woke up at 3am for the first time and it was only for some tea and she went back to sleep without me even touching her. I got up several times because this was very strange for me and I had to wake her up the next morning and she was like a new baby - smiling and extremely happy! She even went to my sister-in-law that day, we couldn't believe it!!

She now has a great daily routine and sleeps well at night waking only once between 3 - 6am for some water/tea and sleeps until I wake her the next morning. And some nights she even sleeps without waking up.

My husband and I have got all this time now, it's very nice, and we are even trying for our second baby. Thank you Marlene and thank you Baby Love!!! Soné

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